Sunday, January 20, 2013


So, I've noticed that in my last two posts I've started with "first off" I don't know what I do this but I almost did it again with this post. >.>

With this blog I want to portray the fun things of WoW and not be someone who just complains about the stuff they don't like about this game. That said, I hate being forced into pvp situations while I am busy doing things like dailies, and or just landing at a flight path.

I am a bust student, and for the most part because of lack of time, I get around to do dailies once a week.  When I do have time during the week to hop on and cram as many dailies in within lets say a 1/2 hour, I don't have time to be corpse camped and griefed and be just killed constantly by the same three people while I am minding my own business not bothering the opposite faction what so ever.

I am not stealing your nodes, I am not tapping your mobs, I am not taking your quest items. I am simply there just trying to do my thing, mostly avoiding you. Probably on the opposite side of the quest area if at all possible. Sometimes, I've even helped overwhelmed players of the other faction that have pulled more than their health pool can handle, simply so they don't die.

I get it, I play on a pvp server, go ahead kill me, I can tell you right now I am not going to fight, I am going to stand there and let you kill me, I know nothing about pvp, and don't have trinky's equipped to stop your incessant stuns. Now that you've killed me, and boosted your ego slightly by killing someone who you've forced into a situation in which they are not comfortable with, grow up and move on. What is the point of killing me again and again and again and again? You're like one of those little flies that just wont go away, or a buzzing mosquito in my ear while I am trying to sleep.

The fact that I can just move on to another part of the zone or another area completely shows that I can move on and deal with the little quest area that you've claimed as your own later.  Its when you start following me and killing me no matter where I go that I get annoyed. Do you clearly have nothing better to do than kill someone who is obviously not as good as you? Someone who doesn't spend their life in game and grinding battle grounds to get gear that gives you a clear advantage over my ofspec Elemental pve gear?

No offense to anyone who plays one, but through my entire wow experience the biggest douche-bags and worst griefers out there for me, are undead rogues.  I don't know why it is, but for some reason my very presence offends you to the point that you must kill me, stalk me, kill me some more, and then rinse and repeat.

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