Saturday, February 2, 2013

Dying guild?

What does one do about a dying guild?

For the most part, every player has experienced a situation similar to this, or at the very least knew someone who has. Right now the guild I am in seems to be dying. Like this is worse than end of cata content. If we weren't playing wow, the main raiders and/or officers could always be found in our very active mumble channel. Mostly playing League of Legends (Amg pvp.. I think I just broke out in hives thinking about it), or on our dedicated Minecraft server.

The faithful raiders in our guild (ones that actually stick around for more than 1-6 weeks before dropping off the face of the earth) have become a close knit group of friends. We are connected outside of game through various social networks Ect, but when it comes to WoW, and the lack of any progression in raids or even attempting to put a group together anymore, when is it time to call it quits and move on? Should you leave these amazing people? Will you find a guild that you fit in with a just as much?

I seemed to be cursed, as the thee people I became closest to as friends have all stopped playing the game what so ever, one to the point that he has disconnected himself from every guildy in every other game we played from him. The thing with this guy is there was never drama with him, he was a pretty chill guy so we don't understand the sudden and extreme cutoff.

While I still have time before my school becomes overwhelming with homework and just life in general, I want to raid, I want to experience bosses in a controlled environment, unlike the chaos with LFRz.

Two weeks later I come back to this pose and due to all of the guild inactivity I am honestly consorting putting stop to my subscription.

Will this be the end? :( sad making thoughts

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